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ShopLate Model GM Cars/Trucks98-02 Camaro/Firebird V8InductionInduction Kits → Fast Toys Black 98mm LS1 High Flow Air Lid
Fast Toys Black 98mm LS1 High Flow Air Lid

Fast Toys Black 98mm LS1 High Flow Air Lid

Fast Toys Black 98mm LS1 High Flow Air Lid

item# 113-FT98AIRLID


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Powerful LS1 motors require higher airflow than the stock air lid and MAF can provide. Until now, you were stuck using a small MAF or a reduction coupler with an 85mm GM MAF. Both of these restrict airflow and cost you horsepower.

The Fast Toys High Flow 98 mm Air Lid is the highest flowing air lid on the market and the only one that works with a GM 85mm MAF with no reduction coupler required!


The Fast Toys high flow lid features our exclusive "Power Bulge" design to increase the air lid volume substantially and provide a smooth air flow transition flow from the horizontal air filter to the 85mm MAF sensor. This lid installs on the stock factory lower air filter base. An 85mm MAF is required (sold seperately). The Fast Toys high flow air lid can also be used with the stock sized MAF or our Fast Toys Ported MAF ends with the purchase of the MAF adapter gasket (see below).

The Fast Toys High Flow Air Llid will work on everything from stock to highly modified LS1 motors. Best results will be on the modified cars that require more airflow than the stock lid and MAF combo can provide. For the ultimate performance, use the air lid with our Fast Toys Ram Air Kit (FTRA). Why waste your money on a stock sized air lid that you will eventually have to dispose of when you need to upgrade to a larger size MAF or Speed Density tune?

2000-2002 cars will still be required to use a K&N breather filter for the smog pump (available at extra cost).

Why Use The Fast Toys 98 mm Air Lid & 85 mm MAF?

What people commonly refer to as an "85 mm MAF" is actually larger than 85mm. The OD is actually 96 mm and the ID is 90 mm. Starting is 2001, GM added the 85 mm MAF to it's highest performing engines (Corvette LS6, Corvete LS1 etc). After 2002, all GM V8 cars and trucks use the 85 mm MAF for better performance.

Unfortunately, 98-02 LS1 Camaro's and Firebirds were stuck using the smaller MAF which has an OD of 88 mm and an ID of 74 mm. This is not ideal for the best performance. On our flow bench, the Fast Toys Air Lid flowed 14.5 % more than the most popular aftermarket air lid!

To work with the 85mm MAF, the Fast Toys High Flow Air Lid features a giant 98 mm ID. This makes the ID of our lid about 9-10 mm bigger than other aftermarket lids. Since area is pie R squared, the outlet area of our air lid is about 20 % larger that what is currently available from other manufacturers. On our flow bench, the Fast Toys Air Lid flowed 14.5 % more than the nearest competitor!

On top of that, we have significantly increased the overall volume of the air lid compared to everyone else. Higher volumes support larger horsepower and torque improvements. The Fast Toys air lid has 14 % more volume than the most popular aftermarket lid and a whopping 27 % more volume than the stock lid (baffles removed)!

Testing on a mild cam, bolt on stock cubic inch motor, the installation of the Fast Toys 98 mm air lid resulted in a .9 MPH increase in the quarter mile! Stroker, heads/cam and more powerful motors will benefit even further from the increased air flow. Imagine what motors running speed density tuning without a MAF can gain!

The Ultimate Air Lid For Speed Density Tuners

For those of you that have moved to a speed density tune (SD) and removed the MAF sensor, this is the perfect air lid for you! Connect the Fast Toys High Flow Air lid directly to your throttle body for the best flow possible! The OD of the Fast Toys 98mm Air Lid is 103-104 mm.

No IAT Hole

Most 85mm MAF's have a built in IAT (incoming air temperature) sensor. Because of this, we do not pre-drill an IAT sensor hole for the factory detached unit. This gives you a nice clean installation! Instructions are provided for those people that will still be using the factory sensor

Price: $169.00 

K&N Air Filter
K&N Air Filter
LS1 F-Body O2 Extension
LS1 F-Body O2 Extension
GM Oil Pump O-Ring
GM Oil Pump O-Ring
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