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ShopChevrolet-Pontiac-GMC98-02 Camaro-Firebird V8Engine & ValvetrainFront Drive Accessory Kits → Kwik LS1 Air Conditioner Compressor Bracket for Sanden Compressors
Kwik LS1 Air Conditioner Compressor Bracket for Sanden Compressors

Kwik LS1 Air Conditioner Compressor Bracket for Sanden Compressors

Kwik LS1 Air Conditioner Compressor Bracket for Sanden Compressors

item# 311-K101XX


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Here's a Kwik and easy solution to your LSx engine swap AC compressor problems
  • You may have clearance issues with the frame or crossmember. That's especially true for
  • chassis such as S-10s, early Camaros and Chevelles, and many full size Chevy pickups.
  • You may be concerned about the LSx "variable displacement" compressor being
  • compatible with your earlier factory AC system or with an aftermarket system.

Here's how to solve those problems:
  • Use an aftermarket compressor like the popular Sanden.
  • Mount it with a bracket kit from Kwik Performance, Inc., available in three different versions:
  • Corvette; 98-02 Camaro & Firebird/GTO; and truck/2010-11 Camaro
Features and benefits
  • Stresses and vibrations evaluated with Finite Element Analysis and prototype testing.
  • Tensioner placed in its proper position – between the air conditioner compressor and the crankshaft pulley, in the “slack” portion of the belt.
  • Belt and tensioner geometry optimized for proper belt tension – equivalent to OEM tension requirements.
  • All pulleys aligned with each other within SAE specifications.
  • Zinc plated fasteners used throughout for corrosion resistance and great appearance.
  • All brackets made from 6061-T6 aluminum for light weight, good looks, and rust-free appearance. Matches the all-aluminum LSx engines.
  • All plates are cut on a computer-controlled, ultra-high pressure water jet.
  • All tensioners, pulleys, belts, compressors, alternators, etc. are standard, easily available items.
  • Uses Sanden 508, SD5, or SD7 compressor.
What's included:
  • Front and rear compressor attachment plates.
  • Water pump brace place.
  • Spacer tubes
  • Idler pulley mount.
  • All fasteners needed to attach the brackets to the engine, and the compressor to the brackets.
  • Smooth pulley for use on the tensioner.
What else is required to complete the installation:
  • LS main belt tensioner with 6 groove pulley. (The pulley will be removed and used as the idler pulley.)
  • Six-rib belt, length such that the tensioner indicator arrow is between the max and min marks.
  • A Sanden air conditioner compressor, part number 4514 (SD5 series), 4522 (SD5 series), 4665 (SD7 series), or 9537 (508 series). In addition, because of the wide variety of Sanden compressors, other part numbers with the same pulley placement will work. 
Installation Instructions:


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