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ShopChevrolet-Pontiac-GMC98-02 Camaro-Firebird V8Engine & ValvetrainFront Drive Accessory Kits → Kwik LS1 Alternator only and Alternator / Power Steering Pump Bracket
Kwik LS1 Alternator only and Alternator / Power Steering Pump Bracket

Kwik LS1 Alternator only and Alternator / Power Steering Pump Bracket

Kwik LS1 Alternator only and Alternator / Power Steering Pump Bracket

item# 311-K101XX


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Here's a Kwik and easy solution to your LSx engine swap problems:
  • You may have clearance issues with the frame or crossmember. That's especially true for chassis such as S-10s, early Camaros and Chevelles, and many full size Chevy pickups.
  • You want to use your F-body or truck alternator and "Type 2" remote reservoir power steering pump, but place them in the Corvette locations.

Here's how to solve those problems:
  • Keep your current alternator and pump.
  • Mount them with a bracket kit from Kwik Performance, Inc., available in three different versions: Corvette; 98-02 Camaro & Firebird/GTO; and truck/2010-11 Camaro.
Features and benefits
  • Stresses and vibrations evaluated with Finite Element Analysis and prototype testing.
  • All pulleys aligned with each other within SAE specifications.
  • Zinc plated fasteners used throughout for corrosion resistance and great appearance.
  • All brackets made from 6061-T6 aluminum for light weight, good looks, and rust-free appearance. Matches the all-aluminum LSx engines.
  • All plates are cut on a computer-controlled, ultra-high pressure water jet.
  • All tensioners, pulleys, belts, compressors, alternators, etc. are standard, easily available items.

What's included:
  • Front and rear attachment plates.
  • Spacer tubes
  • Idler pulley mount.
  • All fasteners needed to attach the brackets to the engine, and the alternator and pump to the brackets.
  • Smooth idler pulley.

What else is required to complete the installation:
  • Six-rib belt, length such that the tensioner indicator arrow is between the max and min marks.
  • Any LSx alternator from a Corvette, F-body, or truck/SUV.
  • Almost any Type 2 remote reservoir power steering pump. 2004
  • GTO pump does not fit.
  • Compatible power steering pulley, with proper offset.
Installation Instructions:

Alt PS

Alt Only


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Ractronix 32 lb/hr Disc High-Z Fuel Injector
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