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ShopLate Model GM Cars/Trucks2010-15 Camaro SS V8Engine & ValvetrainEngine Blocks → GM LSX Performance Parts Tall-Deck Iron Bowtie Block, 9.720" Deck Height
GM LSX Performance Parts Tall-Deck Iron Bowtie Block, 9.720

GM LSX Performance Parts Tall-Deck Iron Bowtie Block, 9.720

GM LSX Performance Parts Tall-Deck Iron Bowtie Block, 9.720" Deck Height

item# 28-19244059


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LSX Bowtie Blocks Deliver the seemingly impossible combination of professional racing level strength and entry-level affordability, the LSX Block is the next revolution in high-performance engine-building. This durable iron-block casting is based primarily on GM's production LS7 block, but designed with more material in key areas-including a thicker deck and bores-to support displacements of 500+ cubic inches or more, and unique six-bolts-per-cylinder head-clamping capability that enables forced-induction and nitrous combinations of greater than 2000 horsepower. Because the LSX Bowtie block is based on production LS blocks, all of the LS-Series Gen IV cylinder heads, crankshafts, oil pans, camshafts, and accessories bolt right up to it. There is also a tall-deck version for building even larger engines. GM Performance Parts delivers the LSX Bowtie Block semi-finished, allowing you to finish it to your needs. Whether you're building a "tame" 500-horse street engine for your hot rod or a 1700 horsepower turbo engine for an Outlaw drag racer, the LSX Bowtie Block is the foundation for an unbeatable combination-at an unbeatable price!


  • 100% CNC machined cast iron
  • True priority main oiling
  • 6 head bolts per cylinder
  • Standard 4.400"" bore spacing
  • Extra thick siamese cylinder bores
  • Fully machined bores, ready to hone to fit
  • Semi-finished, machined decks, ready to be decked to your specs.
  • Increased deck thickness
  • LS7 style 6 bolt ""dowel located"" main bearing caps
  • Wet sump and dry sump cabability
  • Deep skirted head bolt holes (same as OEM aluminum blocks)
  • All stock bolt holes are stock thread size
  • Maintains all OEM ""LS"" family exterior mounting features
  • Front motor plate mounting holes added
  • Added material around cam bearings for extra strength
  • 8mm exterior/interior 5th and 6th head bolt holes
  • All 5 cam bores machined for bearing # 12453169
  • Standard .842"" lifter bores
  • Screw-in soft plugs
  • Accomodated any ""LS"" series oil pand and oil pump
  • External oil pump feed at rear of block
  • Main web bay to bay breathing holes for increased HP
  • Access windows for cylinder head stud access (intake side)
  • Extra breathing pocket added near starter for better windage
  • Includes new cam retainer # 19166177, rear cover #19166178, lifter retainers #19166182 and OEM replacement cam bearings


  • 3.880"" finished siamese bores (ready to be honed to your specifications)
  • 9.72"" semi-finished standard deck height (ready to be decked to your specifications)
  • Max. 4.375"" reccomended stroke
  • Capable of 364 to 500 + C.I.D.
  • Orange powder coat finish
  • Accepts all Gen III & IV LS heads, cranks, cams etc.
  • Approximate finished weight - 225 Lbs
Engine Builder Features:
  • Front oil feed holes can be plugged or restricted for mechanical flat tappet or mechanical roller lifter cam applications
  • Can be safely machined to 9.70"" deck height
  • main bearing cap bolt threads can be machined for aftermarket 12mm fasteners
  • Maximum 4.250"" bore (at .200"" wall thickness)
  • 6-bolt head bolt pattern (for boosted applications)
  • Machined for 8mm inner and outer 5th and 6th head bolts
  • Standard bolt holes can be machined for larger diameter lifters and/or bronze bushings
  • Front oil feed lines can be plugged and external oil pump and/or aftermarket dry sump oil systems can be used via oil pump feed at rear of block - may be required with certain long stroke & aluminum rod combinations
  • Belt cam drive systems can be accomodated (some machining will be required)
  • External oil pump feed at rear of block
  • 7th transmission bolt has been added (per early SBC) stud can be installed for sanctioning body requirements
  • Front motor plate can be used for racing chassis applications
  • Threaded water plugs can be used for external heaters or coolers

Price: $2,999.95 

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