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Why You Should Build Your Engine With Texas Speed & Performance

Texas Speed & Performance is a leader in the LSx industry, and you will not find an engine machining facility that is more qualified to build your LSx engine! Our state-of-the-art machining facility offers the best equipment available for engine machining combined with the best engine machinists and builders that have years of experience building LS-based engines. All of our engines are machined and built in-house, so there is not one step of your build process that is out of our control!

We offer many advantages over our competitors:

  • Full control of the build time and process
  • Extra capabilities to meet our customers' needs, such as 1/2" head studs for large power-adder engines
  • The latest state-of-the-art equipment available to allow for the strictest of tolerances and reduced build time
  • Expedited build times in as little as 48 hours!
  • We also have the largest stock of aftermarket rotating assembly parts in the industry, so it is rare that you will have to wait for us to get the parts before beginning your build!
  • We keep many LS-based short-blocks in stock and ready to ship
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Stocked facility and fast build times

We control the full build process, not only with how the machining process is done but also with how quick we can have an engine completed. We have an average build time of 10 to 14 days! This will depend on parts availability, but we keep over 300 crankshafts and 300 sets of connecting rods in stock at our facility, as well as over 175 sets of Wiseco pistons, Diamond Racing, and Mahle piston sets to meet the demand of most customers.

Texas Speed & Performance is also the only shop in the country that will stock 25+ LS-based short-blocks! We have the ability and resources to have multiple combinations in stock for those that need their new engine quickly! We will also offer an expedited engine service for those needing an engine as soon as possible.

However, this will only apply if it is an engine that we do NOT have in stock! Some like to spread misinformation, claiming that an in-stock engine is a "cookie cutter" engine. That is not correct! Every Texas Speed & Performance engine will go through the same stringent machining and assembly process, and you are guaranteed to get the best engine on the market when you purchase from us.

We use the latest equipment available to ensure the best build and assembly process for our customers. Every engine goes through the same engine machining and build process, whether you're buying a budget-series short-block or a complete turn-key engine.

State-of-the-art machining for precision

We use a Centroid B4250 4-axis CNC machine for all of our engine block machining. It CNC blueprints every engine block! This machine is equipped with a high tech digitizing probe which automatically locates and measures cylinder bores, deck heights, and lifter bores. This is much more accurate, faster, and repeatable than manually blueprinting a block! For block surfacing, the probe automatically detects the block's existing surface height at multiple locations so the proper deck height can be set for a perfectly flat and square deck in relation to the cylinder bore. It will also perform CNC stroker clearancing for every block! The 4.00" stroke and longer crankshafts require clearancing at the bottom of the cylinders to avoid the connecting rods hitting the block. This is traditionally done by hand with a grinder, but automating this process not only saves time but also allows for complete accuracy every time! The Centroid B4250 also automatically chamfers the cylinders, and it will do it every time perfectly concentric with the bore. The B4250 even allows us to center each bore perfectly in the block! All engine blocks have a tolerance with respect to bore placement, and when you receive a new block out of the crate the bores can vary in placement. This machine allows us to reduce the machining time, while keeping block tolerances to less than .0001"!

Precision tracking

Every TSP engine block is engraved with our serial number for precise tracking, as well as the TSP logo. We also use the serial number to save any and all build information specific to that particular engine.

Consistency from start to finish

For honing, we use a Sunnen SV-10 cylinder hone with a diamond hone head that allows for truly round cylinder bores. The mechanical stroke guarantees a precision surface finish with consistent crosshatch angle in each cylinder! The SV-10 will detect smaller spots in the bore and dwell as needed to ensure a perfectly sized cylinder. The use of diamond honing tools incorporate an expandable, super abrasive sleeve mounted on a tapered mandrel for precision bore sizing and finishing. For those blocks that will require line honing, we use a Sunnen CH-100. It offers maximum precision, correcting any distortion caused by warpage, cap stretch, and block variance. Most of the engine blocks will not require a line hone, but it is required on all GMPP LSx and RHS engine block builds. This is standard and built into the cost of these engines.

We also use a Sunnen connecting rod hone to set proper clearances for the connecting rods. It also gives us the capability to set the proper piston wrist pin clearance if the clearances are too tight when received from the manufacturer.

Fast and accurate measurements

For balancing rotating assemblies, we use two CWT Multi-Bal 5000 crankshaft balancers. It uses state-of-the-art analyzing electronics, which allows for extremely fast and accurate analysis of a crankshaft. It offers unmatched accuracy, and it will provide a balance sheet for every crankshaft! This is yet another step that allows for dead-on accuracy during the build of your new engine, and each balance sheet will be filed with the build sheet of the engine. This machine allows us to balance every rotating assembly to less than one gram! Many older machines will not have that capability.

Once the balancing is complete, every journal on the crankshaft is polished prior to assembly. This provides the bearings with a smooth surface, free of any burrs.

Dedicated engine builders with years of experience

You will not find a shop that is better qualified to machine and build your new LS-based engine. Among our engine machinists and builders are dedicated people with years of experience not just building engines in general but specifically building LS-based engines! From machine operation to setting the ring gaps during the assembly process, our machinists and builders are among the best in the industry. They have been highly trained in their field of expertise from such places as the School of Automotive Machinists (SAM). The people machining and building your Texas Speed & Performance engine not only have the proper training, but they also have years of experience! We are dedicated to building the BEST LS-based engines available for our customers, and that dedication not only comes in the form of the best equipment but also with the best employees. We work hard to not only get customers’ engines completed but also keep our stock of in-stock short-blocks with various builds so we can meet the demand of our customers. Most of our in-stock engines will include 408 CID iron short-blocks, 403/404 CID aluminum LS2 short-blocks, and 416/418 CID aluminum LS3 short-blocks. These are the most popular combinations that our customers demand, but we also offer short-block, long-block, and turn-key builds for the LS1, LS6, LS7, LSA, L99, LS9, RHS, and GMPP LSx engines. We cam accommodate builds for customers ranging from 346 CID up to 468 CID! We have customers producing over 1,500 rear-wheel horsepower with Texas Speed & Performance engines! We can also send you an itemized estimate for the engine you're interested in so you can see exactly what it will include. Feel free to give us a call to discuss your engine needs.

Assembled Engines & CNC Machine Shop Pictures

We control the full build process and have an average build time of 10 to 14 days! Our Centroid B4250 4-axis CNC machine automatically inspects the cylinder bores, deck heights, and lifter bores for fast and accurate measurements. Every Texas Speed & Performance engine goes through the same stringent machining and assembly process. You are guaranteed to get the best engine on the market when you purchase from us! Every TSP engine block comes engraved with our logo and serial number for precise tracking. All of our engine blocks are machined using the state-of-the-art Centroid B4250 4-axis CNC machine. We work hard to make sure we have enough short-blocks in stock to keep up with the demands of our customers.