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In-House Camshaft Grinding

Texas Speed & Performance is proud to announce our in-house camshaft grinding facility! We are one of the ONLY retailers in the LS- and Gen 5 LT-based markets that truly grinds our own camshafts and ONLY grinds camshafts for these markets. Because of this focus, we can put all of our resources into building the best camshafts available for these markets. In-house cam grinding allows for stricter processes that alleviates issues such as cam peeling from burning during grinding, "whistling" while the engine is running due to improper lobe finish, higher efficiency in the cam grinding time and process, better quality control, and the most state-of-the-art camshaft grinders in the industry to deliver the best product possible!

We use state-of-the-art Landis CNC camshaft grinders, which are the same grinders that the "Big Three" auto manufacturers (GM, Chrysler, & Ford) use to grind the OE camshafts that are used in their production vehicles. These are TRUE CNC cam grinders that cost over $900,000 as new.

State-of-the-art camshaft grinders

We added our new Landis LT1VE camshaft grinder to our machine line-up in early 2016. Some camshaft grinding companies in the market claim to use old machinery that has been "converted" to CNC. The issue with converting a 50-year-old machine to be somewhat CNC is you're still very limited by what type of profile you can grind and your wheel size.

Obviously, camshaft grinders and technology have come a long way in 50 years. The converted machines simply are not capable of grinding a profile anywhere near what a new Landis CNC grinder can grind. Because of our LS specific fixturing & the machines being setup to only do LS and Gen 5 LT camshafts, our processes can hold accuracy within .1 of a degree for intake centerline and virtually spot-on for duration! This helps to eliminate the need to buy aftermarket timing sets for the purpose of correcting a camshaft's timing events. True CNC cam grinders will provide you with many additional options in grinding that you will not have with older machinery.

New camshaft grinders

Our newest Landis LT1VE camshaft grinder is the latest technology offered in camshaft grinding, and it is the FIRST LT1VE grinder put into use by Landis! With a 350mm grinding wheel, this machine is capable of grinding lobe profiles that can only be achieved with $1+ million camshaft grinders.

All of the camshaft cores used in our cam grinding are 100% American made and purchased from quality suppliers like Callies Performance. They are the same company that offers the premium and billet crankshafts and connecting rods, and they also supply camshaft cores to customers such as Lycoming for aircraft engines. We keep 1,500+ camshaft cores in stock at all times to accommodate a wide variety of grinds and material. We offer the 5150 core as standard, and the premium 8620 material is available for an additional cost. We do offer both three-bolt and single-bolt camshaft cores to accommodate virtually any LS- and Gen 5 LT-based application.

More power, quieter operation, and longer valvetrain life

All of our camshaft lobes are proprietary to TSP and have been developed by an engineering team that works closely with the automotive manufacturers, as well as in performance motorsports such as Formula One racing. We offer multiple lobe families that all target maximum valvetrain stability and the quietest operation possible. The "sewing machine" sound from your valvetrain after a camshaft installation is a thing of the past! The end result is more power, quieter operation, and longer valvetrain life. Each and every lobe family was designed with a target valve weight, valve spring design, and max RPM target so that the lobes are both powerful and stable for our customers. Extensive Spintron and engine dyno testing allows us to guarantee that the camshafts meet application requirements and help to prevent valvetrain instability, which is a common issue found from other companies mixing and matching lobes from other camshaft suppliers. Some of our lobes will be specific to an engine platform, such as the LS3 or LS7, where specific requirements are needed. For instance, we are able to manipulate the LS3 intake valve opening profile design so we effectively gain the ability to run added duration without compromising piston-to-valve clearance.

Precision polishing in every camshaft

There are many things within our camshaft grinding process that ensure every customer gets a quality TSP camshaft! Some of these things include precision polishing and checking the Ra finish of the lobes to verify smoothness, burn testing to visually check that none of the lobes were burned during the grinding process, quality control checks on our $50,000 Andrews EZ Cam Profile Measuring machine (much more accurate and consistent than a $5,000 Cam Doctor or Cam Pro), laser engraving with part numbers and logos for easy part identification, and the list goes on. You will not find another camshaft manufacturer more dedicated to the processes and procedures of camshaft grinding than Texas Speed & Performance!

True custom grind camshafts

Many competitors will lead you to believe that they grind their own camshafts in-house, but the reality is no other LS-specific shop does this. Most purchase camshafts from various camshaft suppliers and use whatever lobes are available from that manufacturer. We truly offer custom-grind camshafts because our lobe designs are ONLY used by our company for camshaft grinding. We also offer proprietary lobe development for companies looking to purchase camshafts from us that want lobes specific for their company. We use quality, American camshaft cores and control the grinding and finishing process 100% in-house. We are able to eliminate the middle man and become the manufacturer, so this allows us to offer our customers a superior product using the latest technology and machinery for a better price point. Our multi-million dollar investment is a win-win for all of our customers because it provides them with the best part available for a better price!

Call or stop by our facility!

When you consider buying a camshaft for your LS or Gen 5 LT engine, we recommend that you do your homework! We believe in 100% transparency and feel that customers should know where their products are coming from. If you are local to our 35,500 square-foot facility in Georgetown, Texas, we invite you to stop by for a tour so you can see it all for yourself! Since most customers aren't local, you should be able to see pictures of the facility and processes. This also allows you to KNOW who is really manufacturing their products and who is not. When internet shopping, it can be very difficult to determine who is and is not truly grinding their own camshafts vs. who is picking lobes out of a catalog and drop-shipping you a camshaft. All of our camshafts have been Spintron tested with the valve springs that we sell, so you KNOW that you are getting a combination that works well together. Give us a call today to discuss your camshaft needs!

Camshaft Grinding & CNC Machine Shop Pictures

In 2016, we added the Landis LT1VE Camshaft Grinder to our machine shop in order to keep up with the high demand for TSP Camshafts. There are many controls in place to make sure our customers receive quality parts. We conduct quality control checks on our $50,000 Andrews EZ Cam Profile Measuring machine. We stock over 1,500 camshaft cores at all times to accommodate a wide variety of grinds and material. We keep over 1,500 camshaft cores stocked at all times to accommodate a wide variety of grinds and material. Some of our lobes are engineered for specific applications and engine platforms, such as LS3 or LS7. As part of our quality control process, our Camshafts come engraved with serial numbers and our logo for easy part identification. Our machinists have years of experience with handling LS-based engines, and years of training from such places as the School of Automotive Machinists. We keep thousands of camshafts in stock for various LSx and LT1 applications, and depending on your order, can have them shipped in 1-3 business days. We keep our shelves stocked at all times in our 35,500 square foot facility and strive to provide on-time delivery. Our Camshaft Packages provide customers with a complete camswap option which includes; TSP Camshaft, PAC Springs w/ Titanium Retainers, Chromemoly Pushrods. We use the same state-of-the-art CNC machines that GM, Chrysler, and Ford use for grinding their camshafts.